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D, E & I and cultural surveys


Diversity and inclusion are essential in business today as a healthy variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures provides us with the balance of voices and diversity of thought that we need. If D, E & I and culture is leveraged, they become a source of creativity and opportunity. To do this, you must first understand where your organisation is. We can help with this. Whether you are responsible for transformation, creating engagement within your organisation/team or are going through an M&A, we can provide the insights to increase commitment, cultural alignment and driving business success.


To understand where you are and be able to gauge the effectiveness of your programme, it makes sense to gather and measure data.
Using cutting edge, rigorously tested online cultural surveys, combined with our highly- qualified team of associates, we can deliver a unique D, E & I and/or cultural assessment of your business.

The Tools

We equip you with deep analysis into the working of your culture, what’s important to your people and what belief systems are relevant to the desired culture. This includes, for example, how aligned leadership is to the rest of the organisation, if there is a clear shared values system. We uncover what the dominant behaviours are and highlight the areas that require the most attention and pinpoint exactly what measures you need to employ to address any conflicts and create alignment.

Our approach uses a combination of bespoke online surveys - the choice is dependent on whether you want to develop D, E & I and/or culture.

If your development need is D, E & I:

Inclusion survey - Our inclusion survey measures your teams perceptions of diversity and inclusion in your organisation. The data we provide enables you to pinpoint where your focus areas need to be and help you to design targeted meaningful interventions to create a more inclusive culture in your organisation. This is a vital step in developing a diversity and inclusion programme that is fit for your business needs and includes everyone in your organisation.

If your development need is cultural:

Cultural Orientations Framework™ (COF) - facilitates the understanding of salient cultural characteristics. It assesses 7 cultural categories: sense of power and responsibility; time management approaches; definitions of identity and purpose; organisational arrangements; notions of territory and boundaries; communication patterns and modes of thinking.
Culture Decoder™ - assesses over 100 indicators of behaviours and values, highlights the areas that require the most attention and reveals if there is a clear shared belief system.


Knowledge is crucial to driving change whether it be incremental or transformational. Once we have delivered these key insights to you, pressurepoint will help advise and formulate actions and appropriate people, team and organisational interventions that will help you deliver your business strategy.

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